Source Code

NVEffectsBrowser related demos

Cloud Cover including Soft Shadows using Cube Maps.  From the Book "Game Programming Gems 3" available at Barnes and Noble

Brushed Metal Effect.   Plug-in demonstrating how to do a decent brushed metal effect using pixel shaders.

Minnaert Effect.  Plug-in to demonstrate a velvet look using part of the BRDF formula

PhotoFace. From the Book "Direct3D ShaderX" available at Barnes and Noble

Particles/Explosions. Demo of particle system using verlet integration completely in DirectX 8 vertex shader

Stand Alone Programs/Plug-ins

Unwrap.  3D Studio Max 4.0 tool to unwrap a model and place two orthogonal textures on the model.  Good for applying photographs to head model

Diffuse Cube Map Generator.  Tool to generate a diffusion cube map from a set of photographs.

DX7 Refract - Fake Refraction demo made in 1999 when the Geforce 1 first came out.