My Resume in Microsoft Word

Here you will find information on items I have worked on, in ascending order

Free Lance work

Copy II ST, then sold to Central Point Software

Shape Icon Editor, Atari ST


Sword of Kadash for the Atari ST


Rampage for the IBM PC, Apple IIe & Amiga

Electronic Arts

Chuck Yeagers Air Combat Simulator, Brent Iversion and I worked on this together

The Immortal - Port of Will Harveys game from Apple IIe to IBM PC in 3 months.

Wing Commander III, for Sony Playstation


NVASM, NVIDIA'S Assembler for Vertex and Pixel Shaders

NVTUNE, aka NVIDIA Statistics Driver.  Application & Drivers that allow developers to profile their code to find bottlenecks with respect to DirectX.  Only available to registered developers.

NVEffectsBrowser, Along with the rest of the Developer Relations team.

Effects include, refraction, brushed metal, particles (explosion), cloud cover, Minnaert Lighting, 3DSMAX file format using FlexPorter

SLIDE, Shader Language IDE

XBOX Quake 3 Level Viewer

Optimizations and Algorithms for the following games: Comanche 4, Tiger Woods 2002, Warbirds III, Mercedes Benz Truck Racing, XBOX Raven Demo, Battlezone II, Die Hard Trilogy, Halo (PC), Panzier Elite, Toonenstein, NDL'S Engine, GP500, Midtown Madness, Centipede, GK3, Sacrifice, Heavy Gear, Microsoft Baseball, Shadowman, Unreal Tournament, Dungeon Siege, Giants, Madden 2K, Whole Experience, Isle of Morg.

Numerous seminars on NVIDIA hardware, NV20 Kitchen, Texas Barbeque, NV30 Kitchen

Projects contributed to

UMLSculptor - Open Source UML Diagramming Editor

DevIL - 2D Graphics Import/Export Library with Image processing capabilities

SDTS++, Original Visual Studio fixes/porting