Photo Realistic Faces

I’ve been working on a chapter on Photo Realistic faces at home on the weekends. This is for a book that I’m contributing to and for a demo for the Tiger Woods developers.  I  thought I would share the useful plug-in and the pictures in case you can think of anybody else that may want to add this to their game(s).

The plug-in unwraps a models texture coordinates, renders the texture maps and does a thing called Multiresolution Spline with Application to Image Mosaics. The paper can be found at

I basically use the normal of the model to select the texture map and then use the spline to blend between. This code was extremely difficult to write and get it working correctly. This code can be used for combining cube maps also and really for any 2D operations that combine images Here is a picture with and without the blending:


It does look a little like somebody peeled the skin off my face, which is what it is supposed to look like.  This is the final rendering

Yes, I know we need a better “model”. But I was available at my own disposal. The part of the article that shows how-to accomplish this is located at:

Full Head Mapping

All of this blending is automatically taken care.  It's available in a plug-in I wrote for 3d Studio Max® 4. The source and .dlu file is in this zip file.  Copy the .dlu file to your plug-ins directory of MAX.